Facebook announced on Friday that 50 million user accounts had been affected in a breach caused by a profile security flaw.

Attackers have exploited a vulnerability to Facebooks ?View As? profile feature to gain control of 50 million user accounts. Facebook have said that the breach would allow hackers to log in to other accounts that use Facebooks system, these include other major sites and applications such as Tinder and AirBnB.

Irish data regulators have been informed which means it is most likely European user accounts that have been affected.

Facebook, who have over 2 billion users accounts, have said that the flaw has been fixed and any users who have been affected will have had to re-login to their Facebook accounts on all devices. As a precaution they have also made a further 40 million users re-login to their accounts.

Cyber Wise recommends that all users change their Facebook passwords and any other accounts using the same credentials as a precautionary measure. All users who have been affected will have been contacted by Facebook, however they are still investigating the breach and more affected accounts could be discovered.