A fake Xero email containing links to dangerous webpages has been spotted in a number of users mailboxes.

Please make your team aware of a dangerous email that has been spotted in users mailboxes today. The email claims to be from Xero and contains a number of links that direct users to dangerous websites.

Below is a screenshot of the phishing email:

As you can see above, the email does not look or read professionally. Cyber Wise can also confirm that the address ?noreply@xeronetwork.co.uk? is not a legitimate Xero email address. For information on what Xero email addresses can be trusted, please visit the following webpage;


Cyber Wise asks that all users who receive the above email to permanently delete this from their mailboxes. Please DO NOT click on any of the links contained within the email.

If you would like to learn more about Phishing emails and how Cyber Wise can help, visit our new Cyber Wise Phishing page.