Cyber Crime

Cyber-crime is now so prevalent and such a threat it is described as the third biggest threat to the country after terrorism and espionage. In fact, the National Crime Agency say that cyber-crime now accounts for more than 50% of all crimes in the UK and according to a government survey, 31% of small businesses and 60% of medium size businesses experienced an attack in 2018. This leads to the broader issue of business crime, as technology is not only a conduit to attacks via your systems, it is now an enabler for fraud, the most successful and most pervasive form of attack against your business.

Records Breached Since 2017

What can you do?

We are at the stage where it is no longer a question of if but when so what can we do to protect ourselves? Is it a question of buying the best hardware and software so we are fully supported with fixes from large companies who can afford to keep on top of threats? Part of that problem is that software vendors are still catching up and plugging holes in existing packages that we all use so we can’t be sure that this will work properly. So is the answer to surround yourself with protection such as firewalls and specialist software designed by people who only specialise in this sort of crime. Another problem is the people who work for us often have other priorities and don’t understand the threats they face, so bypass the protections you put in place. Maybe the answer is education, should we ensure our employees understand not to do this? Unfortunately, the most successfully crimes committed against business are socially engineered, making it incredibly difficult for training only approach to make sure our teams don’t slip up and give away the crown jewels.


Identify the best technology to keep you protected and safe as well as advising you and your IT team on the best purchases they can make.


Continually monitor emerging and existing threats to your systems and advise you and your IT team about what steps to take to secure your systems.


Address some of the less obvious yet critical areas of vulnerability so you are empowered to make the right decisions when protecting your business.


Providing an education program that is tailored to your team constantly builds an understanding of threats you face using simulated attacks and regular testing.


Our quarterly Insider reports dive into the areas of business where you can do more, in areas that you may not have even thought of as vulnerable.


Help you to achieve your Cyber Essentials accreditation, which shows your customers that you are taking the protection of their data seriously.