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The Effect of Lockdown

Lockdown has been tough, we’ve all had to stop seeing friends and family and go into social isolation, we’ve limited our outdoor activities and our favourite food places have been shut. Workplaces have closed, some forever, and many of us have had to work from home wherever possible, meaning we’re missing the social element of [...]

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Cybercriminals target those working from home with fake software

Currently around 30% of the UK are working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic which has created an abundance of opportunity for cybercriminals. Security researchers have recently discovered brand new Spyware and Surveillanceware within fake programs purporting to be legitimate meeting and message programs such as Skype and other applications. These programs have primarily been [...]

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NCSC Launch Cyber Aware Campaign after COVID-19 scams rise

Reports in cybercrime have exponentially increased in recent months as criminals have sought to exploit the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic. Cyber criminals have been trying new ways to trick people across the globe as they attempt to profit during these times of particular difficulty. Reports in cybercrime have risen so much that the NCSC [...]

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Proactive tips for working from home

Are your employees struggling to work from home? It can be a nightmare situation for those with small children or no dedicated workspace, however due to the recent countrywide lockdown only essential journeys are permitted and homeworking is being heavily recommended to all businesses. Nevertheless, working from home can be a major challenge for some [...]

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NHS Donations Phishing Scam

Action Fraud have received 41 reports of fake emails purporting to be from HM Government requesting for the public to make donations towards the NHS. This is yet another creative campaign that criminals have come up with to try and exploit the nation during a difficult time. The NHS will never ask you to send [...]

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