As Artificial Intelligence models become increasingly more intelligent, they are becoming more human like. Whilst current AI models lack human emotion, they can create text which sounds intelligent and human generated. Although these tools can be incredibly useful, the industry is largely unregulated. As a result, individuals with malicious intent can easily use them to create targeted attacks with just a few simple prompts.

Attackers can use AI textbox tools to write targeted attacks with simple prompts, which previously would require extensive research to design and execute effectively. Many attackers didn’t have the resource to perform these tasks before current AI models became accessible.

There are calls for tighter regulation to be enforced in the AI sector, however, this is still in progress.

So where does this leave us? Are we equipped to tackle the emerging challenges posed by AI-driven attacks?

Here are some simple steps you can take to be Cyber Wise.

  1. Always double check – if a message seems suspicious or unexpected, it is always worth checking with the sender via an alternative platform to the original message.
  2. Verify that the sender is legitimate – check the sender address carefully, there might be a slight variation to the official address, which shows that it is illegitimate.
  3. Use a spam filter – effective spam filters block unsolicited and unwanted messages from reaching you.
  4. Ensure software and applications are updated – this can help prevent attacks from causing as much harm if they are successfully executed.

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