Royal Mail iPhone 11 Pro scam

Recently, due to Christmas fast approaching and last minute shopping becoming more popular with online stores members of the public realised that they were receiving text messages from what appeared to be Royal Mail which seemed too good to be true, as they were informing customers of a delivery awaiting confirmation, this could easily get confused for a Christmas delivery running late.

This delivery once clicked on required personal details of the recipient and just ?2.00 for ?insured delivery?, once an individual had entered their details and paid the small fee for insured delivery, they would then be left with a screen stating that a delivery was confirmed.

However, this is not the case and instead users had given away their personal information and payment details to criminals with no affiliation with the Royal Mail group. This therefore can lead to individuals having their bank accounts drained and their details used fraudulently, because they believed that the phishing scam, they received by text was from the Royal Mail.

We recommend that all users whether they are expecting a text message from the Royal Mail or not to read the message and the links within the message very carefully in order to not fall for any spoofed links or poorly written messages as these are tell tale signs that the message was not sent by the well-known company that it looks like it is from.