Cybersecurity is becoming more and more vital every day, and it is frightening to know that despite the fact over 70% of the UK population use computer devices that barely anyone knows the simple ways of keeping their files and data secure.

With Malware becoming more frequent and dangerous every day, it is vital that everyone learns the basics of cybersecurity. Something that a lot of users don?t understand is despite the fact their computers have anti-virus software, their computers are still vulnerable to viruses and malware. You could plug in a USB drive that carries a virus and that immediately puts your computer at risk, which is why cybersecurity is so vital.

Many companies are thriving to get all their users and customers to understand the importance of cybersecurity, and are teaching them the basics like; internet safety, backing up data, updating their computers, anti-virus software, emails and spam etc.

Small ways to check for any harmful viruses on your PC is to run your anti-virus scan. Anti-virus is vital to every PC and a lot of users don?t use it despite paying a lot of money for its service. Every month you should do an anti-virus scan on your PC, along with backing up your data and checking your system.

Recently the BBC began to encourage their readers to learn more about Cybersecurity by releasing a small quiz that included puzzles based on reading codes and cyphers. Their aim is to teach their readers new ways of sending private messages, which is a great first step for all cybersecurity.

You can find the link to the BBC Cyber quiz here

Something that we all need to understand is that it doesn?t matter how big or small our companies are, we can still be targeted by malware. Which is why we must all start cracking down with our cybersecurity.