Fake emails claiming you have overpaid for your TV License ask for your bank details

Another new Phishing scheme has begun as we begin to see fraudsters try and fake TV licensing emails. Fraudsters have tried their luck at fooling people into believing they have overpaid for their TV license, and ask them to follow the link provided in the email so that you can provide your bank details in order to be refunded.

Of course, you?ll never be refunded. In fact, you may find more money leaving your account rather than entering it.

The link provided in the email takes users over to a website designed to look like the TV licensing?s own website. It provides a form allowing victims to provide their personal details, although the website does look authentic it is used to steal victims bank details so they can have a grab at their savings.

A note to take is that TV Licensing will not contact you by email regarding refunds. If you receive any suspicious emails like this you should stay clear, do not open the email or click on any links or attachments. If the emails are part of phishing schemes then opening any attachments or links could also allow malware to download on to your device. Criminals use malware to do a lot of things like accessing yours data or encrypting your data and then asking for a ransom.