Google?s well known internet browser Google Chrome has recently been targeted by attackers due to its weak security, with Google reporting that three ?High? level vulnerabilities have been discovered in their most recent version of the software.

Google Chrome is currently being used by millions of devices across the globe and therefore is an attractive platform for attacks due to the wide variety of potential targets.

The new vulnerability in Chrome allows an attacker to deliberately cause errors in the browser which can then be used to gain unrestricted access to run malicious code on a device.

Google has since responded to these recently discovered vulnerabilities by releasing a new update to all devices, urging users to upgrade as soon as they can in order to remain secure.

Cyber Wise recommends that all users upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome at the earliest opportunity in order to minimise the potential risk of being exploited, as more sophisticated malware and phishing tools are being deployed each and every day.

This can be done by opening Chrome and doing the following:

Help – About Google Chrome – select ?Check for Updates?