Windows have released an important update that patches a vulnerability capable of WannaCry damage.

Windows have released a new security update for all of its supported operating systems that patches a vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

RDP is a tool used by millions and allows a user to login to one Windows computer from another. The potential damage of the RDP vulnerability matches the same dangers the world experienced when the chaotic WannaCry virus swept the globe.

WannaCry was a piece of Ransomware that put large organisations like the NHS to a standstill. It was delivered via email and encrypted all files on Windows devices, making them unreadable.

The RDP vulnerability is a new find by Microsoft and their security researchers. It is highly unlikely that the vulnerability has been used against users at this time however users who do not install the latest security updates are leaving themselves at risk.

To ensure that you are protected from the latest vulnerability it is imperative that you install the latest security updates on all of your Windows devices.

To check for updates on Windows 10 go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Updates and Security’ – ‘Check for updates’.

To check for updates on Windows 7 and 8 devices go to ‘Control Panel’ – ‘Windows Update’ – ‘Check for updates’.