A group of Iranian hackers recently posted a video showing how they managed to access an industrial control system (ICS) at a water facility in Israel.
According to industrial cybersecurity firm OTORIO, the hackers accessed a system that was directly connected to the internet without any kind of authentication or another type of security. The target was apparently a reclaimed water reservoir.
This gave the attackers easy access to the system and the ability to modify anything within the system, this means they could have potentially tampered with the water pressure, causing pipes to burst, change the temperature, to overheat machines, and more. All the attackers needed was a connection to the internet and a web browser.
The hackers published their video on December 1 and by the next day, the owner of the compromised system made some changes to prevent access to the system without authentication. However, if the system itself is still exposed to the internet, more skilled attackers could still access it.
This story highlights the importance of protection in systems where you might not think it is necessary. If these attackers had more malicious intentions, they could have potentially shut down a city’s water supply. Even though you might think to yourself ‘I don’t need to protect my business, who would want to attack that?’ it is so important to keep every aspect of your systems protected and secure in any way you can.

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