Fake British Gas bills show links to malware

A new phishing trend is on the up rise as many reports of fake British Gas bills flood in. The fake bills have links that if followed download malware to your device, British Gas have been quick to respond and say that their emails will always be personalised with the individuals British Gas account number. British gas have also informed all customers that any links provided in their emails will only direct customers to the britishgas.co.uk website. British Gas advise all customers not to open the email and to call them directly.

Phishing scams are becoming more and more popular everyday with more and more people falling victim. Phishing is a fraudulent practice where criminals send out fake emails, texts and phone calls pretending to be reputable companies in order to gain personal information. Phishing scams are also beginning to appear more and more genuine, making it more difficult for users to know when an emails and letters are fraudulent.

There are many ways that you can check if emails and letters you receive are fraudulent. Firstly, check if any account details are provided and check that they match your account details. Check for any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes, check if you have received any emails from the same company before and check if they look similar. Finally, there is no harm in calling up to double check that the email or letter is authentic.

Phishing is a growing industry and we are beginning to see more and more dangerous emails everyday. It is imperative that businesses learn the dangers and effects of phishing emails, how to identify a dangerous or suspicious email and also how to deal with them. Cyber Wise has the tools and resources to help protect your business from such attacks, we can identify the vulnerabilities your business may have and what you can do to improve your security.