MGM Resorts hotels, one of Americas most famous luxury hotel chains, suffered a huge data breach which exposed the personal data of over 10.6 million guests.

Tech news site ZDNet first reported the hack when they found the stolen personal data on a hacking forum this week. MGM have confirmed the attack took place.

The data exposed includes the names, addresses and passport numbers of former guests who stayed at one of the MGM hotels during the Summer of 2019. MGM said it was confident no financial information or credentials had been exposed.

MGM said that they had contacted over 52,000 former guests of the data breach who had their data stolen.

In America most states do not require companies to tell customers if data which is already public has been exposed during a hack. This data includes ?phonebook information? such as names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Cyber Wise recommends that anyone who has stayed in an MGM hotel in the last year checks their mailbox for an email from MGM Resort Hotels in case their data had been stolen.

When email addresses and phone numbers are stolen, they are commonly sold on the dark web and used in phishing attacks. Users should always be cautious when handling emails and calls from unknown recipients.

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