Action Fraud have received 41 reports of fake emails purporting to be from HM Government requesting for the public to make donations towards the NHS.

This is yet another creative campaign that criminals have come up with to try and exploit the nation during a difficult time.

The NHS will never ask you to send money directly to a bank account. If you wish to make a donation to the NHS you can do so via their official channels or by visiting your local NHS trust.

Users must be extra vigilant when handling emails in their mailboxes during the pandemic. Coronavirus related scams have increased 400% in March and it is expected to rise more as the lockdown stretches on.

Make sure to inform your family, friends and anyone else you know who could be vulnerable to this type of scam to ensure the public are safe and protected.

To learn more about Phishing scams and how how to prevent falling victim, visit the Cyber Wise Phishing page!