How will a small team in London fight online hate crime?

I think it’s safe to say that we have all witnessed online abuse over the years. Whether it be abusive comments on a Facebook post or Instagram picture, an offensive indirect tweet on Twitter, or a 12 year old making comments about your mother on Call of Duty. We have all seen some kind of online hate or abuse while browsing through social media, and now the Metropolitan Police are wanting to do something about it.

London are bringing together a team of specialists police officers to investigate the ever growing abuse and online hate crime that we see on social media, including popular websites Facebook and Twitter. The team of 5 officers and a number of volunteers will aim to support victims and identify online abuse after the London Mayors Office gave the project a ?2 million funding.

Social media creates an environment where bullies feel invincible, racists believe they can speak freely to the world, and criminals call themselves “pranksters”. Everyday we hear stories of children being bullied online. You can only imagine them sat at their computer in the corner of a dark room posting a new profile picture and reading abusive comments about it. The only support that they have is their family, friends and possibly their teachers. Maybe it’s about time the police began to get more involved too?

I personally think it’s a great idea, it’s about time the police began to crack down with abuse found online, as so far they have proven to be inconsistent. However you do question how a small team in London on a ?2 million funding is going to help solve this. Is it possible that online abuse is a matter that takes small steps, and we will soon see larger teams around the UK aiming to support victims of abuse on social media.

I personally hope so!