Employees at 280 UK businesses may have had their personal data compromised after a data breach at Sage.

Sage, who provide accounting and payroll software to 6 million companies across 23 countries, were hit by a large data breach over the last few weeks. It is believed that employees at 280 UK businesses may have had their personal information compromised, although it is not certain.

Sage have contacted all businesses that may have had their data compromised

A Sage spokesperson has said that they are working with the authorities to investigate the unauthorized access. They have said that their customers remain their first priority and that they are speaking directly with the companies affected by the breach.

Sage believe the unauthorized access was made using an internal login

Sage are investigating the fact that a person ?familiar with the situation? used a Sage employees internal login details to gain access to the personal information of staff at 280 UK Business. It is not certain whether the data was copied or merely browsed at. The ICO will investigate whether or not Sage have been negligent, if they are then Sage could face criminal prosecution.