Four weeks ago, there was an attack to the criminal records service which caused the site to be taken down by The Acro Criminal Records Office (the site owner). The scope of the attack is also largely still unknown. This means that despite the time that has passed it has still not been confirmed if personal data was compromised.

The Acro Criminal Records office work with the police and exchange information internationally to process certificates for people wishing to work with children or gain emigration visas.

The attack has caused an increase in staffing requirements so the business can process email applications. However, delays persist due to the disruption and the less efficient temporary solution being used, resulting in people still waiting to receive their documents.

Attacks like this can cause long lasting side effects both to business operations and reputation.
This can be for a variety of reasons, such as loss of satisfaction due to reduced service, loss of trust due to data leaks or loss of revenue due to reduced/ halted operation.

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