Apple recently released updates both their Mac and iPhone Operating Systems, but should iPhone 5 users be worried?

Apple have confirmed they will no longer be supporting the iPhone 5 and 5c after announcing the latest iOS update, iOS11. Apple?s latest update became available last week, in preparation for their next 3 devices; iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus and the iPhone X. The iPhone 5 was first released in September 2012, with both the upgraded 5s and downgraded 5c being released the following year. Users who are still clinging on to these devices will need to understand, that because their devices are no longer supported, they will no longer receive important security updates to protect both their device and their data. The iPhone 5s however, will continue to be supported for another year.

Bye Bye 32-Bit

This is not the only large change that the latest update brings to us. Many old applications that run on 32-bit will be no longer available on the app store, and will not open on your phone as Apple force all application developers to make their products 64-bit, which is much faster. This is something that Apple have been pushing for quite some time, they argue that removing 32-bit applications from the AppStore will get rid of old and unsupported applications. There are however some apps that are being supported and still use 32-bit software, e.g. Disney have some old apps that aim to get children reading, these apps will no longer be available to download or open.

Will turning your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off actually turn it off?

The control centre on iPhone and iPad is used for accessing most of your general settings, it is commonly used to switch on/off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock and Airplane mode. For those of you who don?t know how to access the control centre on an iPhone, you simply swipe up. Images have been released of the new, revamped control panel. You could argue that it does look better, however does it do exactly what you want it to?

It?s been discovered that switching off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the control centre, doesn?t actually switch it off. Instead, it just disconnects the phone from any devices or networks it is currently connected to. In order to completely switch off Bluetooth and Wi-fi, you?ll need to go to your settings and switch them both off there.

Apple?s thinking with this is rather practical, they want to allow their users to be able to disconnect from non-Apple devices without interfering with other devices like the users Apple Watch, Apple Pencil, AirPods, AirPlay etc.

Why has your iPhones performance and battery life declined?

Users who have already upgraded have been experiencing some performance issues. They claim the battery life is now shorter and that applications take a lot longer or get stuck on start-up, forcing a restart to temporarily solve the problem. It is currently unclear whether the update affects the battery life of specific Apple devices however it is expected that updates to the latest iOS will fix these issues, how soon they will arrive is unknown at this time.

Who can install the new MacOS?

Apple have also made MacOS High Sierra available for free to all Apple Macs from 2009 or later. This update can be found on the Mac App store and introduces the new Apple File System which supports new features and future technology on Mac devices. The Apple File System supports the latest high-capacity storage devices and delivers enhanced performance and security.