Windows 7 nears end of Microsoft Support

On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will be officially ending their support for the almost 10-year-old operating system, this deadline means that after the 14th of January users will no longer receive security updates, software updates, new features of general technical support for the operating system itself.

Furthermore, once this date has passed Microsoft will be forcing users who remain on Windows 7 to receive Fullscreen upgrade prompts which function similar to how a Fullscreen advertisement on a mobile phone would, so whilst in the middle of something a user would then be interrupted by a message taking up the entirety of their display.

This Fullscreen message is part of a program located within the software which with the most recent update is set to be enabled. Once enabled the program known only as EOSNotify.exe will run at scheduled times each day such as 12PM, as this is when most of the devices will be in use.

The message can be disabled however the information is clear and accurate and therefore should make a user want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows that Microsoft has to offer (Windows 10) as this is both supported technically and security wise.

We recommend that all Windows 7 users should upgrade to at minimum a supported operating system level such as Windows 8 and in the most ideal circumstance update their Windows 7 devices to Windows 10 before the 14th of January as this is the most recent version of Windows available.