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By Dan Liles  /  26/02/2024
Lockbit, believed to be the world's largest criminal ransomware group, has had its systems infiltrated by the National Crime Agency...
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By Cyber Wise  /  14/08/2023
A huge data breach has happened in Northern Ireland which has led to the details of all 10,000 staff being...
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By Dan Liles  /  01/08/2023
A Cyber Attack has been launched against Kenya that has affected key government online platforms for almost a week. The...
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By Dan Liles  /  06/06/2023
The transfer of data between your business’s system and its destination can be an ideal time for cyber attackers to...
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By Dan Liles  /  22/05/2023
Meta: A Major Player in the Social Media Industry Meta, formerly Facebook Inc, is a huge company in the social...
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By Dan Liles  /  10/05/2023
As Artificial Intelligence models become increasingly more intelligent, they are becoming more human like. Whilst current AI models lack human...
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By Dan Liles  /  20/04/2023
Four weeks ago, there was an attack to the criminal records service which caused the site to be taken down...
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By Cyber Wise  /  17/04/2023
With ransomware being such a large threat across the globe, it is important to understand where the areas at risk...
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By Dan Liles  /  12/04/2023
On Tuesday 11th April 2023, Microsoft released a security update for devices running its Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating...
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By Dan Liles  /  23/03/2023
The UK Government have announced the introduction of a new Emergency Alert System. This system is to work through the...
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By Dan Liles  /  17/03/2023
AI models are a new technology that can be used across a wide range of platforms to perform many tasks....
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By Dan Liles  /  08/03/2023
LastPass is a popular password manager tool that allows its users to store, edit and sync their passwords across all...
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By Dan Liles  /  02/03/2023
The UK Government is currently in consultation to pass a new bill titled the ‘Online Safety Bill’ which is designed...
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By Dan Liles  /  21/02/2023
Surveillance cameras are evolving to be devices that work through the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is...
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By Dan Liles  /  09/02/2023
Password managers key function is to provide a personal database of your online credentials. Modern password managers come with many...
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“Employees make decisions every day that negatively affects their business security, As a result, we have known for a while that, to protect organizations, employees need online street smarts. However, the problem is that some in the industry treat employee awareness as a training concern or one-time activity. It is not. It is an ongoing cultural problem.

Wolfgang Goerlich, Cyber Security Strategist