COVID-19 Security Awareness

  • How does COVID-19 affect my businesses security?

The Coronavirus pandemic has put the majority of the world into lockdown, with UK citizens being told to isolate for the foreseeable future. This has caused thousands of businesses to temporarily close and millions of people forced to work from home, but what affect does this have on your businesses security?

Cyber Wise has dedicated an entire page to the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure your business remains protected during the UK lockdown, so get scrolling to learn more!

  • How are criminals exploiting the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a huge range of opportunities to help criminals profit during a time of difficulty for the UK. Check out our Coronavirus Articles to keep up to date with all of the new creative campaigns criminals are using to exploit the nation!

  • How is my business at risk more than ever?

Working From Home

Most of the UK are now WFH which is a threat to your business in many different ways…

Firstly, your team are? no longer sat in your secure office environment where the devices they work on are protected by your strict firewall. They are now sat at home on a very basic home firewall and you can’t be 100% sure who is at the screen at all times.

Your data is no longer all in one place, it could be all over the UK depending on where your team all live, and your team may be using their own personal devices when connecting to your online portal.

Phishing Attacks and Spoofed Wesbites

Cyber security firms have seen a huge spike in phishing attacks with criminals using COVID-19 to create fake emails and spoofed websites in order to trick users into clicking on malicious content and providing personal information.

The Coronavirus opens up a huge window of opportunity for criminals as they can use the pandemic in many different ways when creating fake content. We have already seen false Government COVID-19 advice and updates, fake financial advice and a surge in online retailer sales and online service discounts.

Spear-Phishing Attacks

The majority of businesses across the UK have either temporarily closed, forced their team to work from home or had to furlough their employees. This has caused a huge increase in email communication from business hierarchy which is a great opportunity for criminals to take advantage of.

Spear Phishing is when a criminal targets an individual person or business by purporting to be a key contact in order to trick users into clicking malicious content or providing personal or critical data.

Criminals are using the Coronavirus pandemic to trick users with emails that appear to be from Managing Directors, HR Representatives and Office Managers.

Office Security

With the majority of the UK now working from home, who is keeping an eye on your office in the meantime? Streets and business parks are practically empty, making it a prime opportunity for thieves to break in and get their hands on your devices and data.

Do the buildings that your business operate in have sufficient security to protect all of your data and equipment in house? From CCTV to alarm systems, can you sleep well enough at night knowing your business is safe? What more can you do to protect your businesses property?

  • Cyber Crime Statistics Since UK Lockdown Began

50% of UK workforce are currently Working From Home


Coronavirus-related fraud reports increase by 400% in March 2020


Mimecast have seen a 16% increase in email rejections

  • How can Cyber Wise help?


Employee Education is more critical than ever while your team all work from home. Cyber Wise can help create a more secure cyber culture within your business, providing you with the relief of mind that your data is safe and protected not only by your infrastructure but by your team as well. Cyber Wise offers a range of tools which will provide your team with the education, awareness and testing required to build your cyber culture.

Cyber Wise Phishing Simulations

Phishing attacks are once again on the rise as criminals begin to use the pandemic as an opportunity for tricking people into clicking on malicious content and providing confidential data. Cyber Wise Phishing Simulations will show you how much of a threat today’s Phishing emails are to your business by testing your teams abilities at spotting Phishing attacks and teaching those who are caught out by them.

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Get in contact with Cyber Wise to find out what else we can do to support your team during the Coronavirus pandemic. Cyber Wise have a team of experts who can provide advice and guidance during a time of stressful uncertainty. Make sure to keep visiting the Cyber Wise website for more Coronavirus related security news to make sure you and your team are always up to date! …………………………………………….
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