Malicious emails you should keep a look out for

We have copied a varied selection of phishing emails and highlighted the tell tale signs that you need to look out for. If any of these emails look familiar you are not alone, phishing is big business with 92% of malware (that’s viruses and other unwanted malicious software) delivered via email in the last year.

Tell tale signs of a Phishing email:

  • Unsecure Encryption notices,

  • Your real name not being used (e.g. being referred to as valued customer)

  • None genuine email address

  • Sounding too good to be true

  • Outdated logos,

  • Grammatical errors,

  • Poorly designed emails,

  • Offering a reward for completing a task,

  • Images failing to load.

Click the images in the gallery to view our annotated examples in further detail.

Have you received any malicious emails?

Have you received an email that you believe to be malicious? Do you need help confirming that an email is dangerous? Send in your phishing emails to for our team of specialists to review and to have the email featured in our gallery.