The GDPR is here, and it’s time take action

When it comes to GDPR, one of the most important aspects is creating or enhancing the culture of awareness and processes within your organisation. Our Cyber Wise program provides you with an easy to use, fully automated delivery platform to tackle the training and awareness requirements within your team. Our comprehensive reporting gives you complete visibility of your learning uptake, progress and completion, ensuring you can move forward with confidence.

General Data Protection Regulation (otherwise known as GDPR), is the European Union’s new legislation, designed to protect the data and privacy of EU citizens. It will reshape the way all organisations manage data governance. Much of the GDPR legislation is covered by the existing Data Protection Act (DPA), however, there are a number of additions and enhancements which mean that GDPR will have a profound impact on the business processes of all organisations, regardless of how well they comply with current data protection laws.

Our awareness processĀ 

Step 1 - Review

Our comprehensive review of your current GDPR and Security awareness position gives us a great insight into your training needs. We start with an entry level, online interactive training course which provides your team with the knowledge they need to be able to identify data and security threats. We then move onto our entry level threat simulation, which tests the knowledge and skills gained through the introductory course. The results of your review are passed onto our Cyber Wise experts for full analysis.

Step 2 - Analyse

The results from your threat simulation help to create the right path for you and your team with key areas of improvement identified. Areas of knowledge that we test include Spamming, Social Engineering, Phishing, Malware & Ransomware. We also look for habitual behaviors within your team that present challenges when planning for compliance with GDPR. We present our findings to you and your team and explain exactly why it is critical that knowledge improves in these areas.

Step 3 - Educate

Our interactive training program contains over 500 course modules that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Your Cyber Wise program contact will create your customised training schedule and liaise with you for start and end dates. Your contact will keep in touch with you over the lifetime of the course schedule providing updates on team participation, progress and completion. Results for each course, including individual team member score cards give you an excellent platform to measure your success.

Security and Data awareness isn’t just a one time exercise, with new threats emerging daily it is critical that you keep your team up to date. Cyber Wise enhances your security position by providing continuous training updates and timely cyber alerts and information. Our team is dedicated to keeping you safe meaning you can focus on what you are good at.

GDPR – Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding GDPR below, if there is anything you cannot find please get in touch.

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