Numerous reports state HP batteries are overheating or melting causing thousands of pounds worth of damage

HP have announced a worldwide voluntary safety recall for certain laptops that were sold between December 2015 and December 2017. This recall comes after reports that the batteries started overheating and melting when used on the battery only, without the HP power adapter.

For a list of the laptops that could possibly be affected by this issue follow this link to the HP website. If your device is on this list then we recommend installing the HP Battery Validation Utility which will check if your battery is affected by this recall. If the utility identifies your device as one of the faulty units you should update your system immediately and reboot. After the reboot an option will appear to enable Battery Safety Mode. Battery Safety Mode causes the battery to discharge its power and become unable to charge until it has been re-enabled. You can then safely use your laptop with the power adapter plugged in.

As most of the devices affected have built-in batteries that cannot be removed we recommend not using the laptop without the power supply until the update has been applied. If your battery is affected HP will replace it for you at no cost by following the instructions on the HP website.