Yesterday the world was informed that almost all devices are vulnerable to computer chip flaws that can potentially leak personal data.

Security researchers have found flaws and vulnerabilities in the majority of computer chips. These computer chips include Intel which affects 90% of Laptops and 80% of computers worldwide and ARM whose chips are used by many smartphone manufacturers.

According to the UK?s National Cyber Security Centre, there are currently no exploits to the vulnerabilities. However, now that the flaw has been made public, there is a race for tech firms to patch their products before any exploits are found and released.

Tech firms such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have made statements informing users of where they are up to with the patches;

??? ?ARM, whose computer chips are used by many smartphone manufacturers, say they have already released patches to their customers.
??? ?Microsoft, who use Intel processors in their devices, have said they will release updates on Thursday to increase security on their devices.
??? ?Apple are currently working on updates for supported laptops and desktops. They have not mentioned whether iPhones and iPads are affected.
??? ?Google created a blog stating that up to date Android devices were protected and they will be releasing security updates for Chromebooks and the Chrome web browser will have updates released on the 23rd January
??? ?AMD believe there is ?near zero risk to their products at this time.?

Cyber Wise recommends all users to keep all of their devices up to date to ensure they are protected from all known vulnerabilities and exploits. For more information read our latest blog where we have discussed more about the vulnerabilities and why they have been kept secret.