Apple have released an update that fixes a major security flaw in Sierra OS that allows anyone to access the device with full administrator privileges.

Apple have released an important update to their Mac Operating System after a Twitter user discovered a disturbing security flaw. The flaw allowed a user to access the device with administrator privileges by simply using the username ?Root? and constantly pressing the ?Return? key. Having administrator privileges allows user to make fundamental changes to the device including security settings.

Apple were quick to acknowledge and fix the flaw, admitting that they ?stumbled? with its latest software. ?We greatly regret this error and we apologise to all Mac users? the firm said.

The update which was released yesterday, is to automatically download to devices running on MacOS High Sierra (10.13.1). However, the device will need to be connected to the internet for the download to be successful. It is imperative that all devices are consistently updated to ensure they are protected by such security flaws, ignoring updates leaves devices vulnerable to existing security threats.

To check that your Mac is up to date, click the Apple logo in the top right hand corner and select ?About this Mac?.