Please be aware of an authentic looking QuickBooks email that tries to trick users into downloading malicious files.

We have had reports of users receiving an authentic looking invoice email which appears to be from Giftpoint Ltd/QuickBooks this afternoon. Upon inspection, we have found that the link attached to the email downloads a zip folder containing malicious software.

The invoice appears to be very detailed, however there are little giveaways that all users should be looking out for when checking emails;

??? ?The Email does not address a person, it addresses ?Dear Client?
??? ?The grammar within the email has errors
??? ?Check the ?From? address, does it look authentic? Does it contain errors or unnecessary content?

We ask all users to permanently delete the following email. Please do NOT open or forward the email on to any other user. If you have a SPAM filter, please use this tool to report and block the email for future.