Thousands of Talk Talk and Post Office customers had access to their internet cut after a cyber-attack on routers.

TalkTalk and Post Office customers were recently victim to a large cyber-attack that targeted certain types of internet routers. The news comes not long after Germany?s Deutsche Telekom revealed they were hit by a similar attack that left 900,000 of their customers without their internet connection.

A Post Office spokeswoman has said that the attack affected 100,000 of their customers, TalkTalk have also confirmed some of their customers were affected by the attack and say they are working on a fix.

It is believed the attack involved a dangerous malware called the Mirai worm, which was recently used to attack Spotify, Reddit and Twitter. The malware is spread by hijacked computers and causes damage to devices running on Linux-based operating systems.

?No personal data or devices have been compromised!?

There are several models or routers vulnerable to the attacks including the Zyxel AMG1302, a router which is commonly used by the Post Office and its customers. A Post Office spokeswoman made clear that they have identified the source of the problem and implemented a resolution which is currently being rolled out to all Post Office customers. The Post Office have also reassured all customers that no personal data or devices were compromised during the attacks.

Post Office customers should reboot their routers!

The Post Office have asked all customers to reboot their routers as a precaution. Rebooting your routers will cause the devices to make use of updated software, updated software that we presume is the Post Offices resolution they are rolling out to their customers.