Ticketmaster has admitted to suffering a security breach with an estimated 40,000 UK customers account and payment details affected.

Ticketmaster have announced on social media that they have suffered a security breach where an estimated 40,000 UK customer account and payment details have been accessed. According to Ticketmaster, the breach was caused by a piece of malicious software on a third-party customer support product they use called Inbenta Technologies.

They believe that the breach has only affected UK customers who purchased or attempted to purchase tickets between February and 23rd June. Ticketmaster have already contacted all customers affected and have setup a website to answer any questions.

Ticketmaster have found that the personal data accessed included; names, addresses, payment details and Ticketmaster account details. Ticketmaster have advised all users affected to change their Ticketmaster account passwords immediately and to look out for suspicious banking activity.

Cyber Wise recommends all Ticketmaster customers to check their mailboxes for legitimate Ticketmaster emails to see if they have been affected. We also recommend that all Ticketmaster customers should change their account passwords as a precaution.