A scam email claiming users PC?s have been infected by the notorious Wannacry virus are currently trending.

We have had a number or reports regarding an email claiming that users PC?s have been infected by the notorious Wannacry virus. The email claims that the virus has completely unique code and will not be detected by antivirus products, it then goes on to claim all users data has been encrypted and will be deleted by a certain date unless the user pays a ransom.


This is a trending scam that appears to have been circulating the past couple of days. Users should permanently delete this email and report it as phishing to their spam filters. There have currently been no reports of these emails containing malicious software or links, but as a precaution users must not click on any links the emails may contain.

Phishing emails are a growing industry and are costing UK businesses billions every year. It?s imperative users know and understand how to spot these potentially business critical attacks. To learn more about phishing, check out our Cyber Wise Blog and past Cyber Wise Alerts.