Cyber experts call for users to update their devices after a new form of virus that spreads over Bluetooth is discovered.

Cyber experts have recently discovered a new form of virus that spreads by exploiting a vulnerability in the Bluetooth technology. Most viruses spread over internet connections or storage devices, but this virus does not need an internet connection to spread. It can infect devices undetected and can potentially infect billions of devices across the globe as it has the capability of infecting Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices. What makes this virus have so much potential, is due to the rise in wireless devices such as headphones, speakers, smart watches and even your car.

Alarming number of Locky infested emails are being distributed!

Elsewhere in cyber security news, researchers at AppRiver are urging businesses to prepare for ransomware attacks, after they discovered a campaign that was sending over 23 million emails a day. These emails all contained variants of the successful Locky malware that infected many machines earlier this year. Originally, the Locky ransomware was only successful if a user was tricked into opening a word document and then turning on macros. This would then run a script that encrypted all files on the users PC, locking them down and requesting the user to pay a ransom in order to retrieve their files. However, researchers have found new variants of the Locky malware that allow the code to run just from opening attachments or links.

How can you stay protected?

There is however a simple way to ensure your devices are not vulnerable to the Bluetooth (BlueBorne) and Locky attack. Simply update them. Smart devices such as your phone, watch and computer should be updated regularly to ensure they are as secure and protected as they can be. Developers like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Linux are consistently implementing new security patches in their updates to ensure their devices and your data are protected.